The Artisan Collection. New Vintage


New Vintage

With a modern, calming mix of greys, neutrals and peaceful accent shades of blush our new deep seated New Vintage range has a unique mix of soft natural leather and luxurious wool, natural weaves and shimmering velvets.

Gently aged with pre-loved,
true handmade character


New Vintage - Extra Large Split Extra Large Split W247 | H98 | D103cm
New Vintage - Large Large W217 | H98 | D103cm
New Vintage - Medium Medium W197 | H98 | D103cm
New Vintage - Armchair Armchair W112 | H98 | D103cm
New Vintage - Accent Chair Accent Chair W80 | H88 | D100cm
New Vintage - Footstool Footstool W122 | H38 | D59cm