Varied collection of Foot stools designed to fit any style of home.


Footstools - Traditional Footstool Traditional Footstool W113 H39 D60cm
Footstools - Classic Buttoned Footstool Classic Buttoned Footstool W94 H34 D59cm
Footstools - Large Footstool Large Footstool W96 H51 D63cm
Footstools - Poppy Footstool Poppy Footstool W132 H34.5 D51cm
Footstools - Squidge Footstool Squidge Footstool W98 H42 D67cm
Footstools - Storage Footstool Storage Footstool W68 H48 D58cm
Footstools - Heavenly Buttoned Footstool Heavenly Buttoned Footstool W94 H36 D94cm
Footstools - Round Footstool Round Footstool W67 H45 D67cm
Footstools - Aura Buttoned Footstool Aura Buttoned Footstool W54 H33 D46cm
Footstools - Peyton Footstool Peyton Footstool W86 H34 D86cm
Footstools - Circular Footstool Circular Footstool W98 H30 D98cm
Footstools - Traditional Storage Footstool Traditional Storage Footstool W93 H39 D58cm
Footstools - Carmen Footstool Carmen Footstool W94 H35 D94cm
Footstools - Margot Footstool Margot Footstool W130 H36 D70cm