Gender Pay Report


At Westbridge Furniture Designs Ltd, we are proud of our diverse workforce and are committed to ensuring that all our employees are treated equally and that everyone has the same opportunities for recognition, reward and career development.

This is the fifth gender pay report that Westbridge Furniture Designs Ltd has published and shows that our gender pay gap has decreased by 1.49% from 2019. For the purpose of this report we have discounted 2020 figures as it was heavily distorted due to the majority of staff being on furlough as a result of global covid-19 pandemic.

The gender pay gap is the difference in the average pay and bonuses of all men and all women across an organisation. Whilst we are confident that our gender pay gap is not caused by men and women being paid differently to do the same job, we do have a gender pay gap when we compare the overall average pay and bonuses for women and men.

Like many other businesses, our gender pay gap is driven by the fact that we have a higher proportion of men than women in more senior, higher-paid roles and by the fact that traditionally our manufacturing business areas, attracted a male bias workforce. To this end, we are determined to overcome any perceived or potential barriers to female career progression and to encourage female entry into the soft furnishings industry.

We recognise our gender pay gap is not just an issue of pay, it is also one of making sure we are continually challenging ourselves to become an employer of choice, which will enable us to attract and retain excellent people and help all of our employees to develop and progress.